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Hair loss is a very common problem which can affect both women and men, so if you are worried about thinning hair, know that you are not alone.  At our Essex hair salons we understand just how stressful and upsetting hair loss can be, which is why we've introduced a range of solutions to help.  

We are proud to stock a full range of hair and scalp health products from renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley.  We also offer bespoke non-surgical hair replacement systems.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

Some forms of hair loss can be a temporary problem while other conditions are more permanent.  There can be multiple causes of hair loss including:

  • genetics
  • diet
  • health conditions
  • hormonal changes
  • medication
  • your environment.

In recent years, for example, we've seen increasing numbers of people suffering with stress related hair loss or Covid hair loss, caused by the virus itself.

If you are concerned about the causes of your thinning hair, we recommend speaking to your GP.  Your doctor will assess your overall health and  may diagnose a condition such as telogen effluvium or alopecia.

Bespoke wigs EssexWhat Are The Signs Of Hair Loss?

It’s important to recognise the early signs of hair loss conditions, so the cause can be identified and effective treatments provided.    Things to look out for include:

  • A widening of your hair parting
  • Your scalp becoming more visible
  • Your ponytail becoming thinner
  • More hairs on your pillow in the morning
  • More hairs on your brush or comb
  • Excessive hair in the shower drain
  • A tingling scalp or crawling, itchy feeling on your scalp.


If you notice these things, speak to your doctor or book an appointment with a hair care specialist at our Essex hair salons.  We offer a range of treatments from renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley.  

Hair Replacement Systems Essex Hair Salons

Specialist Hair Replacement Services in Essex

Our bespoke, non-surgical hair replacement service is a brilliant solution for men or women suffering with hair loss.  At Gary Pellicci, we believe everyone should be able to feel great about their hair and that's why we offer top quality hair replacement systems.  Our systems are versatile and virtually undetectable.

Made with the finest quality 100% human hair for authentic, reliable results, we create a custom-made bespoke system to suit your exact requirements.  The systems are suitable for full or partial hair loss.

To create the system, we use a thin translucent membrane on which hair is implanted one strand at a time. This moulds and fits with the size and shape of your scalp to produce an undetectable new head of hair which is comfortable and easy to wear.  However active your lifestyle, your hair loss replacement system should remain in place.

Once your hair loss replacement system has been fitted, our expert hairdressers will style and colour your new hair.  We can blend it with your existing hair or giving you a whole new look as your prefer.

Regain Your Confidence With Hair Replacement at Gary Pellicci
Salons in Ongar and Brentwood

If you're struggling with hair loss, whether it's caused by alopecia, male pattern baldness or any other reason, book an appointment with the sympathetic team at Gary Pellicci.   Call us now on  01277 229835 (Brentwood) or 01277 364118 / 01277 365987 (Ongar) for more information.