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We're very proud to offer Olaplex™ hair repair treatments at our hair salons in Ongar and Brentwood.  Designed to transform your hair, giving it strength and more vibrant colour, Olaplex can correct the damage caused by years of colouring, heat styling and the sun.   The products will actively repair broken bonds within the hair itself, transforming it from dry, brittle, over-processed and leaving it stronger and healthier looking.

Olaplex is globally renowned for its stunning results, with Vogue calling it "a complete game-changer" and Elle magazine hailing it as "the miracle revolution the hair industry has been waiting for".  Call us now on 01277 229835 (Brentwood) or  01277 364118 (Ongar) to ensure that Olaplex is included in your next visit - and turn your hair into the accessory you're most proud to show off!

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Is Olaplex Suitable For All Hair Types?

Yes, Olaplex is beneficial for all types of hair.  Whether your hair is colour treated, permed, straightened, texturised or not processed at all, it still suffers damage on a daily basis.  Olaplex helps by both preventing that damage and repairing it when it has occurred.  

On virgin hair, it helps to repair existing damage while protecting it from thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. Olaplex strengthens and prepares the hair for future services.

On colour-treated hair, Olaplex can be mixed into the colour products and lighteners used to lessen the damage caused by these on the hair.   Olaplex can also be used to maintain and repair colour treated hair for healthy, beautiful looking locks.

On curly and naturally textured hair, Olaplex rebuilds, restructures and improves moisture retention in curls that have lost their shape. It infuses curly hair with added moisture and condition for beautiful bouncy, resilient waves.  Fragile curly hair will be more resilient to  lightening and other processing when Olaplex is used.

On straight hair, Olaplex will strengthen, improve manageability, movement and shine.   It protects the condition of the hair when using heat styling options such as curling irons, hot rollers, etc, when the hair is treated before use.

On permed and texturised hair, Olaplex helps to maintain the integrity of the hair before, during and after the texture service.   The results of the texture service will last longer, and the hair will stay in better condition when Olaplex is used. 

Olaplex can also be used on some 100% human hair extensions.   Speak to your stylist for furthe advice on suitability.

The Olaplex Treatment Range

For optimum results, us the Olaplex range holistically, to repair even the most damaged hair.  It works at a molecular level, using active chemistry to strengthen the bonds in your hair.  The result is smooth, shiny, rejuvenated locks which will make you look and feel fabulous!

Here are the seven miracle products in the Olaplex process:

Olaplex Hair Salons Ongar and BrentwoodN°1: Bond Multiplier - this can be added directly to colour during your hair colour appointment to protect your hair from damage.  It can be used for all hair types and for all hair colour services, even less harsh ones.
N°2: Bond Perfector  - used in combination with N°1 to nurture your hair after the colouring process.  The Bond Perfector takes the form of a creme which is worn for 10 minutes before the backwash which rinses the excess colour from your hair.
N°3: Hair Perfector - the cruelty-free and vegan-friendly treatment which can be taken home for salon-style results every day.  This contains the same active ingredients as N°1 and N°2, but it is designed to repair the damage you do to your hair at home.  To use, simply apply generously damp, towel-dried hair, leave in for at least 10 minutes, and rinse out with shampoo and conditioner.
N°4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo - designed to create visibly healthier hair with every wash, this gentle yet powerful shampoo fixes split-ends, fights frizz, and repairs bonds.  It's colour-safe and paraben-free, too.
N°5: Bond Maintenance Conditioner - a special formula which creates smooth, shiny hair without weighing it down.
N°6: Bond Smoother - the latest in Olaplex's line of hair-care technology, this leave-in creme will allow you to say goodbye to frizz once and for all.  Simply add it to damp or dry hair and style as desired - it couldn't be easier!
NEW N°7: Bonding Oil - your new styling must-have.  This styling oil can be used everyday to reduce frizz, add strength, and increase the vibrancy of your hair.

Book Your Olaplex Treatment at Our Brentwood or Ongar Hairdressing Salons

At Gary Pellicci, we believe that good hair has the power to transform your life for the better.   As the only accessory you don't take off, your hair is an investment in feeling good about yourself.  Book an Olaplex treatment now and turn every day into a good hair day! 

To add an Olaplex treatment at your next visit, call us now on 01277 229835 (Brentwood) or  01277 364118 (Ongar) .   Alternatively, use our easy online booking system.