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Balayage is still one of the most asked for hair colour techniques here at Gary Pellici Hairdressing salons in Ongar and Brentwood.  This beautiful, sun-kissed, low-maintenance look continues to take the world of hair colour by storm so why not book a consultation to find out how we can make this style work for you?  Find out everything you need to know about balayage below.

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What is balayage?

Taken from the French, meaning “to sweep”, balayage is a technique where colour is hand-painted across your hair to give you a natural look, as though you have been out in the sun all day.  The effect given is subtler than conventional foil highlights because the colour is painted free-hand, exactly where you want it.  This gives you a bespoke, individual look which is perfect for every personality.

How are balayage highlights applied?

Our talented hair colour technicians in Ongar & Brentwood will paint the balayage colour onto your hair, applying it more finely closer to your roots and with bolder brush strokes towards the tips of your hair.  We can highlight areas which the sun would naturally lift in colour if you were on holiday, giving it a finish that’s both subtle and multidimensional.

What’s the difference between balayage and ombré?

Whereas ombré gives you a clear and contrasting two-toned effect, balayage is more subtle, with only a few sections of highlights being added to your roots.  This gives colour with different intensities, becoming the most dense at the tips of your hair.  Ombré, on the other hand, gives colour that is always dark at the roots and gradually becomes lighter towards the tips in a more defined way.

Can balayage be created on all hair colours?

Of course!  Balayage can look stunning on all shades, from brilliant brunette to buttery blond and even gorgeous grey hair.  Not only do we work with natural shades such as popular blonds, balayage could be a great opportunity for you to try out more unconventional colours such as on-trend pastel shades.

Will balayage damage my hair?

Balayage has the potential to dry your hair, but no more than any other colouring technique.  Our expert colour technicians will tailor your treatment to suit the individual characteristics of your hair and minimise damage to create your perfect look without hurting your hair.

How do I maintain my balayage colour?

One of the best things about balayage is that it is fairly low maintenance – your root regrowth will be less obvious with balayage than with conventional foils.  Balayage only requires a visit to your colourist every 12-14 weeks to maintain your highlights.  On top of this, we would recommend a quick colour glossing touch-up session every 6 weeks to keep your hair looking gorgeous between appointments.

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Please note:  Clients who are new to hair colour or who have not had their hair coloured in the past six months are asked to have a quick skin allergy patch test 48 hours prior to their hair colour appointment.