Hair Colour Correction in Brentwood and Ongar, Essex

If you have had a home hair colour disaster, don’t panic, we have all been there. Your hair may need some extra TLC if it has been over bleached, damaged by heated styling tools or over processed by the sun, and has become too dry or too brittle. At Gary Pellicci salons in Brentwood & Ongar we can repair damaged hair by restoring moisture that has been lost by over processing, giving you gorgeous hair colour results.

Your home hair colour may have turned into a hair colour disaster, but here at Gary Pellicci we have the skills and experience to correct your hair colour problem. Seek professional help and advice immediately with one of our expert hair colour technicians at our hair salons in Brentwood and Ongar, Essex. Book in for a hair colour consultation and let the experts assess your hair colour problem. At Gary Pellicci we work with client who have hair colour problems on a daily basis, so you can trust that we will give you a solution on how to rectify and restore your hair colour.

Remember, don’t try this at home! Our hair colour technicians have spent years dedicated to training and implementing their hair colour skills so are perfectly placed to protect and care for your hair.

Common Hair Colour Problems

Your highlights may have turned out too yellow, brassy or an unsightly orange colour, or you may have dark bands of hair colour that have overlapped causing varying degrees of colour throughout your hair. Your hair colour may be patchy in places that have been too difficult to reach yourself, especially around the back of the head. Our hair colour technicians deal with hair colour problems like these every single day. If you’ve had a hair colour disaster, come and see us as soon as possible, we have the skills to correct your hair colour problem, giving you stunning hair colour results.

Hair Colour Change Is A Process!

Changing the colour of your hair isn’t as simple as applying a new colour over your existing hair colour. If you have coloured your hair and it has turned out too dark, we can add highlights to lighten your hair, or if it has turned out too light we can add lowlights in a warmer shade. Our expert hair colour technicians will advise on the best course of action to correct your hair colour problem.

Balayage and Ombre are now some of the most requested hair colouring techniques at our Essex salon. It is important for our clients to be aware that lightening hair takes on different stages. If you have dark hair and wish to go lighter then it is important to be aware that this may take several attempts before achieving the desired results, your hair colour will always go through an orange or brassy stage before lifting to a light blonde hair colour. 

For more on hair colour services in Essex, take a look at our hair colour at Gary Pellicci.

Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

If your home hair colour has gone wrong and turned into a hair colour disaster don’t try and colour over it again yourself. This will make your hair colour problem worse. At Gary Pellicci our hair colour experts will analyse your hair to assess the shades, tones and condition treatments required to recreate a stunning overall hair colour, to bring your hair back to its former glory, and beautiful condition. 

Hair Colour Correction Appointments in Brentwood & Ongar, Essex

For a colour correction appointment a consultation is required. Please call our hairdressers in Brentwood on 01277 848 586, or Ongar on 01277 364 118. to book your hair colour correction appointment and let the experts take care of your hair, and colour your hair back to perfection.