Expert Hair Styling in Brentwood & Ongar, Essex

There are hundreds of hairstyles out there so why stick to just the one look?  Let the team at Gary Pellicci hair salons in Brentwood & Ongar, Essex create the perfect hairstyle for you.

During a comprehensive consultation we will talk to you about the hairstyles you like and how you want your hairstyle to fit into your everyday lifestyle.  We will also assess your facial shape and features to suggest hairstyles that will suit you.

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We can also style your hair for that special occasion, party or prom so please give us a call on 01277 364118 or 01277 365987 (Ongar) or 01277 848586 or 01277 229835 (Brentwood) to book in for a professional blow dry, long-lasting curls, an intricate plaited hairstyle or upstyle. 

Whilst it’s great to understand the current hair trends that are out there, it’s also vital that we know which styles will suit you. We are here to help you with your long-term hair goals so will always help you with your hair and scalp care, at home styling, and we’ll make sure we offer a precision hair cut that is just right for you.

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