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Is your hair in need of some TLC after the summer holidays?  If so, we're here to help!   Book an appointment at one of our Essex hair salon and our expert hairdressers will assess your hair and recommend the products and treatments which will restore its condition into the autumn and beyond. 

Your hair can become dull and brittle after a summer of time spent outdoors coupled with swimming in chlorinated pools or sea water.  The result is often split ends and hair breakage.  If this sounds familiar, take a look at our top tips below for restoring your hair's softness, beauty and resilience.

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How Can I Tell If My Hair Is Damaged?

It's not always obvious that your hair is feeling there strain, but there are some tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • Your hair looks and feels dull, brittle and dry.  If your hair has lost its natural shine and seems permanently dry, frizzy and out of control, it's a sign you need to hydrate it.
  • You're noticing hair breakage and extra hair shedding.  It's normal to have a few split ends ahead of a trim, but if you are noticing that your hair breaking, it's a sign it needs a treatment.
  • Your hair gets tangled and knotty.  You shouldn't need to spend more than a couple of minutes teasing out the tangles after washing.  If it's taking longer it could be a sign your hair is damaged.
  • Your hair colour looks dull or turns brassy.  When hair is lacking in moisture and vital nutrients it loses its shine.  Your hair colour pigments are also likely to fade and change colour with excess sun exposure.
  • Your regular hair care products are no longer working properly.  If your regular conditioning products seem to stop working it could be because your hair has become highly porous.  This means your hair cuticle is damaged and has holes which allows the nourishing ingredients of your mask to wash away.

Wella Ultimate Repair

Wella Hair Repair Essex SalonsThe scientists at Wella have developed the optimum solution for fixing damaged hair.  New Wella Ultimate Repair is the ideal hair care system to give your hair a post-summer boost. Available at both our salons.  

Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue is a luxurious leave-in repair treatment.  It delivers visible results in just 90 seconds and it's perfect for reviving your straw-like locks.  The Ultimate Repair range also includes a shampoo and conditioner, so you can continue reviving your hair when you wash it at home.

These powerful treatments have been inspired by skin care technology.  They include active ingredients to rebuild the structural bonds inside the hair shaft as well as Omega-9 to replenish the outer layer.

Add A Mask To Your Hair Care Routine

System Professional Hair Mask Essex SalonsA hair mask acts in a similar way to a face mask, but for your locks!  Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments with intensive results.   Deep conditioner is your damaged hair's best friend because it can help to replenish the outer protective layer which your locks have lost.  Masks contain nourishing ingredients to restore and repair your hair.  You should use a regular conditioner after every wash, but once or twice a week we recommend replacing your conditioner with a mask.  You don't need to use a conditioner and mask at the same time.  A mask is super nourishing on its own and will help to detangle your hair.

We offer masks for every type of hair, including fine and oily hair.    If you have fine hair you may have avoided masks for fear of them weighing it down and leaving it lank.  If this sounds familiar, we recommend System Professional Volumise Mask, specifically designed to create volume and strengthen fine hair.   Likewise, if you have an oily scalp you may be concerned that a mask might make your hair greasy.  We suggest using System Professional Purify Mask.  It's dermatologist tested and also treats dandruff.

Speak to your Gary Pellicci stylist who can recommend the right mask for you and advise on how to get the best from using it. 

Refresh Your Hair Colour

Best Balayage EssexSummer sunshine and environmental damage can easily leave your hair colour looking dull, discoloured or faded.  It can cause your hair to look brassy, with unplanned yellow, red and orange tones showing through and affecting the overall shade.  This happens when the blue pigments in your hair dye break down more quickly than the rest, allowing warmer tones of your natural hair colour to show through.  There are several things you can do to tackle this:

Try a Colour Depositing Hair Mask

Wella Color Fresh masks come in 13 different shades.  They are a pigmented treatment mask which will refresh your hair colour between visits to the salon.  They are packed with nourishing ingredients to boost your hair's condition too.

Use a Blue or Violet Shampoo

You can replace the lost blue colour molecules in your hair and dampen down brassiness using a professional quality blue shampoo and conditioner.  We recommend new System Professional LuxeBlond.  This gently cleanses, removing product build up and pollution while using violet pigments to neutralise brassy undertones.

Book a Hair Glossing Service

A hair gloss is a subtle colouring and conditioning treatment.  Similar to a toner, it is a semi-permanent colour that enhances the radiance and shine of your locks.  It’s a quick treatment which is ideal for refreshing all hair colour shades in between colour appointments.  It removes brassy tones and creating a subtle tint.  Speak to your colourist who will be able to recommend the right tone to refresh your particular hair colour.

Book a Full Hair Colour Refresh

The start of the autumn term is always a perfect time to review your hair colour and ditch your dull faded summer look.  Book a consultation with your Terence Paul colour technician and we can help you come up with beautiful autumnal colour to revive your hair and leave it looking glossy and shiny again.

Regular Haircuts Keep Your Hair Healthy

Best haircuts Ongar BrentwoodWe offer top quality conditioning products and treatments at our Essex salons, but ultimately, seriously damaged hair will need a good cut.  This will remove the frayed and split ends and restore the hair's shape. 

We recommend getting into a regular routine of visiting your local salon so we can care for your scalp as well as your hair.  This will help to boost the scalp's circulation and promote healthy hair growth.  

To book an appointment at our Ongar salon, please call  01277 364 118. Alternatively, you can book online.