Introducing Wella Ultimate Repair

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Restore Your Hair With New Ultimate Repair At Our Essex Hairdressing Salons

Did you know that most of us do something that damages our hair every day?

Now you can reverse this damage and restore your locks with Ultimate Repair, Wella's technologically advanced hair care routine.  It is designed to repair your hair both inside and out, helping it to recover from the effects of all kinds of damage, including chemical, mechanical, thermal and environmental.

Wella's tests have shown that, compared to using regular shampoos, Ultimate Repair provides:

- 99% less breakage

- 12 x smoother hair

- Visibly shinier, healthier looking hair.

Even better, this outstanding new range can transform the condition of your hair in just 90 seconds.

Available now at our salons in Brentwood and Ongar.

Patented Hair Care Technology

In developing Ultimate Repair Wella's scientists aimed to emulate the skin's ability to repair and regenerate itself.

Hair is not able to regenerate itself naturally like the skin does, but by using the latest technology, Wella's scientists have succeeded in repairing all hair types and textures from the inside out.

  Ultimate Repair combines two skin care ingredients, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Omega-9.  Organic AHA penetrates the hair fibre, rebuilding the hydrogen bonds in the hair's core, strengthening it.  Meanwhile Omega-9 targets the outside of the hair cuticle, coating the surface, creating a protective barrier.

To banish frizz and achieve the smooth manageable locks  you've been dreaming of, we recommend using Ultimate Repair regularly as part of your hair care routine. 

Wella Ultimate Repair Treatments Gary Pellicci Essex Hair Salons


The Ultimate Repair Product Range

The Ultimate Repair range consists of:

- Ultimate Repair Shampoo A colour-safe, light-weight cream shampoo for damaged hair, including metal purifier.

- Ultimate Repair Conditioner A light-weight, deeply nourishing conditioner for damaged hair which detangles and visibly repairs.

- Miracle Hair Rescue  A luxury leave-in hair repair treatment for damaged hair, which helps reverse damage in just 90 seconds.

- Protective Leave-In  A delicate cream that instantly protects damaged hair from further damage including UV light, heat, and mechanical breakage.  Reduces frizz for up to 72 hours.

 All of the products are vegan and cruelty-free.  They are dermatologically tested and gentle on the skin, containing no artificial dyes or phthalates.  They are suitable for all hair types, including coloured hair.

Visible Results on All Hair Types

Wella Ultimate Repair Available at Gary Pellicci Hair Salons 

Contact your local salon on the numbers at the bottom of the page to find out more or purchase your Ultimate Repair products.