Women’s Hair Trends 2017

Top Trending Women’s Hairstyles at Gary Pellicci Hair Salon in Ongar, Essex

top trending women's hairstyles, gary pellicci hairdressing salon in ongar, essex

Do you want to know which hair cuts & colours are trending in 2017?  In a poll*, dozens of hair salons across the UK were asked which hairstyles people are asking for when they come into their salons.  We create classic and on-trend cuts & colours at our hair salon in Ongar, so please call our friendly and professional team on 01277 36411 or 365987 or book online to make your appointment.

Trending Hair Cuts & Styles 

Bobs & Lobs (long bobs)

Tousled Layered Hair Cuts 

Longer Fringes 

Glamorous Waves & Curls 

Big Bouncy Blow Dries 


Trending Hair Colours 

Rose Gold Hair Colours

Platinum Blonde / Silver Grey Hair Colours

Balayage & Ombre

Rainbow Hair Colour / Pastel Colours for Hair