Myths About Hair Loss

The Truth About Hair Loss, Thinning & Fine Hair – Advice from Gary Pellicci Hairdressing in Ongar, Essex

TRICHOTHERAPY treatments for hair loss, baldness, thinning hair, Ongar hair salonThere are various myths about hair loss and hair thinning and as to why it happens.

At Gary Pellicci we understand that this can be a serious issue for some people and the loss or thinning of hair can seriously knock your confidence.

Here we take a look at what is fact and what is fiction and lay to rest all those old wives’ tales…

How your hair grows is largely dictated by genetics, however your general wellbeing can affect it a great deal too. A well balanced nutritional diet and a general good state of health can all have a positive effect on hair growth and hair loss.

MYTH – A common myth is that if you regularly wear a cap or tightly fitting hat you increase the risk of hair loss or your hair will become thinner. 

FACT – Your hair does not fall out just because you wear a hat! The myth dates back years to when men wore hats for long periods of time. Their hair would naturally recede or develop bald spots, but this was due to their age rather than the long-term wearing of hats! 

MYTH – Balness is inherited from my mother’s side of the family.

FACT –  Baldness can be inherited from both sides of the family or there may be no history of baldness at all.   It takes a male and a female to make a baby, and the genes of either sex can affect the onset of baldness.

MYTH – When my hair falls out at the root it is dead and won’t grow back.

FACT – Have you ever looked at a strand of hair that has fallen from your head closely? Next time take a closer look… quite often you can see what looks like a tiny bulb attached to the end. This is commonly mistaken for being the root of the hair. It is in fact just part of the hair follicle and your body will naturally replace it.

MYTH – My baldness make me more of a man!

FACT – Sorry to disappoint but the tale of bald men being stronger, having increased energy or stronger sex drives is most definitely a myth! (and probably invented by a bald man!).

Bald men do, however, tend to have more hair on their bodies thanks to the hormone DHT. This derivative of testosterone makes their bodies produce more of this hormone which is why they have less hair on their heads and more on their bodies.  Men who have fewer follicles on their heads are often sensitive to androgens which is a male hormone and can lead to thinning hair

MYTH – If I shampoo my hair too much it will fall out.

FACT – Not true. When you shampoo your hair, the hair follicles that have already become detached from the skin simply fall out as you disturb them. On average you lose 100 hairs a day from your head, this can be through brushing, shampooing or generally playing with your hair.

MYTH – Females have more hair on their heads than men.

FACT – Again this is a tale which has no substance. Over the years several different clinical trials have been carried out on the amount of hair found per square cm on both male and female heads. The results proved that on average men have 312 hairs per square cm and women just 279. These facts can also determine that men have thinner hair than women as each hair takes up less room, therefore allowing for more of them.

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