Hairstyle Ideas For Students

Start The New Term in Style at Gary Pellicci Hairdressers in Ongar

If you're about to start uni or college life, we know it's an exciting but daunting time.  Why not give your confidence a boost with a stylish new hairstyle or eye-catching hair colour?  Book an appointment with the expert hairdressers at our Essex salon and we can help come up with a new look to match your personal style.  For inspiration, take a look at these cool celebrity hairstyle ideas. 

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Relaxed Beachy Waves

Student life is busy, with little time for hair styling!  Luckily one of the most popular and practical hair trends for students is an easy beachy look.  This laid back style can be adapted to suit the time you have available to create it!  Achieving this beachy vibe is as simple as gently scrunching your hair and using the right texturising product.

If your hair is naturally quite straight, we recommend creating well-defined curls using a heated curler on days when you have extra time to style. You can then enjoy loose waves the next day with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Embrace Your Curls

If you're lucky enough to have natural curls, don't fight them!  Speak to your Gary Pellicci stylist about the treatments and home care products we have available to make the most of your curly locks.  These are designed to hydrate your curls, control frizz, and give your hair structure.

Invest in a treatment at our Essex salons and it will not only make your curls look beautiful, but it will make your hair easier to manage throughout the busy student term. 

Low Maintenance Hair Colour

Are you looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that will fit your student budget and limit the need for salon visits while you're away at uni?  Don't reach for the box dye and ruin your hair's condition!  We recommend instead trying balayage.

This popular technique involves our hair colourists painting colour into your hair by hand.  We focus on the areas where the sun naturally adds highlights and it's a great way to add a fashionable face frame. The hand painted nature of the technique means that regrowth is far less obvious than with traditional highlights (or box dye!) meaning fewer visits to the salon are needed.

Blonde balayage is always popular, but we can add accents in any colour you choose, including including soft pastels and vivid fashion shades if you really want to stand out!

Cool Hairstyles for Guys

We offer hairstyles for everyone at Gary Pellicci.  Guys heading off to uni and wanting a sharp new look could draw inspiration from model and footballer Romeo Beckham.  His love of  unusual hairstyles and colours is clearly inherited from his father!

Whatever your personal style and the look  you want to create this term, the experts at Gary Pellicci can create it for you.

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We understand that being a student can be expensive and that budgets are tight.  Book an appointment with one of our newly qualified stylists who will be able to look after your locks for less.

Ready to showcase a fresh new look at university?  Book an appointment at our Ongar salon by calling  01277 364 118.  Alternatively, you can book online.

Leave the old version of yourself behind and step into the new you this term!